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Occupation T-Shirt
Occupation Picture Frame
Occupation Keepsake
Personalized Coffee Mug
Occupation Wall Decor
Occupation Paper Weight
Occupation Belt Buckle
Occupation Flask
Occupation Tribute Gifts
Thomas Kindade Gift
Business Card Sculpture
Personalized Wood Plaque
Keepsake Afghan
Personalized Pocket Watch
Occupation Baseball Hat
Prayer Photo Plaque
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A gift for a working man who is proud of his occupation is a good practical gift.  He can show is pride by wearing a t-shirt or belt buckle that showcases his job.  Is he a hard working construction worker, a good doctor, a great teacher, an honorable policeman, a brave fireman, a good plumber, a fine mechanic, a utility worker, a truck driver?  Whatever his job is you can find a nice gift here at Dad Gifts .biz